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Recording with Beautiful Pictures and Text

Zine's carefully designed layout provides a variety of templates, dozens of fonts, colors, and papers -making your personal style come to life through your writing. Zine also supports voice recognition input, making the creation of documents even easier.

Exquisite and Powerful Document Editing

Zine's editing mode supports more than 10 types of paragraph styles, such as vertical typesetting, first indentation, and code highlighting. Our exclusive WebFont technology allows Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean and other characters to be reproduced flawlessly on the web. Zine makes complex mathematical formulas and diversified forms easy to use compared to older platforms.

Multichannel Sharing - Your Articles, Your Way.

The articles created on Zine can easily be shared through a variety of platforms. From WeChat to Facebook to Twitter, your articles can be shared with millions of readers with the click of a button. Articles can also easily be exported from the web as a PDF, Word document or photo.

Personalize Template for Ease to Typesetting

Zine provides users an innovative array of template switching functions. Templates for use in both business and personal life make creating the document YOU need both a convenient and streamlined experience.

Create and Publish Your Personal Magazine

Zine allows anyone to easily create their own online magazine. Users can choose from a wide range of styles to fit their content, such as news, poetry, product manuals, or literary journals. Best of all, materials can be accessed without requiring the installation of plug-ins or other software.

All Devices Access + Team Collaboration

Zine on all your devices. Zine is available for use on both IOS and Andriod devices for easy access on the go. Zine is also compatible with Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. With advanced cloud storage and real-time content synchronization, team members located all over the globe cities can collaborate freely and easily and projects.

Protect Your Privacy and Data Security.

Content created on Zine is private until sgared by the user. All Zine users can, at any time, recall or "unpublish" items previously posted. Zine also supports the HTTPS data encryption and transmission technology at the same level used in most banks which ensures that your content is protected.


Public.Articles will be presented here to tell the world about yourself. And make more friends at the same time.


Privacy.You can write articles here, record feelings, as long as no publication, no one can see, this is your private place.

Member Services

Zine's paid membership provide customized services for members including more traffic, the choice of additional fonts and colors, the ability to create a custom footer and many other exclusive options.

From the day Zine was born, our designers and programmers have been working hard to improve the user experience. We take all feedback from our users seriously and encourage anyone to reach out with ideas to help us make Zine better together.

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