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Beautifully typed picture and text recording, document editing and online writing

Zine provides iOS / Android / Web / small program full platform capability, which can be recorded and shared at anytime and anywhere.

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Beautiful picture and text recording

Zine's original layout method, carefully designed layout, provides a variety of one key switch template, dozens of fonts, color, and paper, making your graphic aesthetic feeling, Zine also first support the voice recognition input, making the text record or graphic edition, is very convenient and easy.

Exquisite and powerful document editing

Zine's original editing interactive mode supports more than 10 types of paragraph styles, such as vertical typesetting, first indentation, and code highlighting, and the exclusive WebFont font technology, so that the Chinese simplified, traditional, Japanese, Korean and other traditional and graceful characters can also be reproduced on the web. Zine makes complex mathematical formulas and diversified forms easy to use and is much better than Word / Pages / WPS old editing software.

Multichannel sharing - self media weapon

The articles on Zine can be shared with micro-blog, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, and PDF / Doc export, article to picture, and content one key synchronous WeChat public number, which makes the spread of content and brand very convenient.

One key switch document style + custom document template

Zine provides innovative template switching functions, which can change the typesetting style of the document, meet the different scenes of marketing copywriting, product description, paper writing and so on, and greatly improve the efficiency of document typesetting. In addition, by customizing the function of document template, you can design and use your own personalized document style.

Magazine like online content publishing + high quality content reading

Zine comes from Magazine, which can make a collection of articles and support a variety of pamphlet covers and catalogues, suitable for a variety of content styles, such as news, poetry, product manuals, literary journals and so on. The pamphlet can be read only through URL without installing any plug-ins or software. Zine also provides advanced intelligent recommendation algorithms and trustworthy pay patterns that can help each user find really high quality content of interest and create a high quality "creative + reading" space for the creator.

Multi device synchronization + team collaboration

Zine provides iPhone and Android clients, as well as web version, for mobile / Windows / Macbook / Linux / iPad device user access. With advanced cloud storage and real-time content synchronization technology, team members in many cities can collaborate freely.

Protect privacy

The content created in Zine is private by default, only after sharing and publishing. Zine also provides the function of "restore privacy", that is, after sharing, it can revoke sharing and restore to privacy. Zine also supports the HTTPS data encryption and transmission technology at the bank level, which ensures that your content is protected by the best privacy.


Public.Articles will be presented here to tell the world about yourself. And make more friends at the same time.


Privacy.You can write articles here, record feelings, as long as no publication, no one can see, this is your private place.

Member service

Free function of Zine has been very strong, we also provide some customized service members, including more traffic, more genuine font, custom footer, more color, can make the word count.

from the very first day of Zine, our designers and programmers have been working hard to improve their user experience. Let our users be free to create and share. We also hope that people can actively give us feedback, and let us make Zine better together.

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