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Writing on mobile phones has never been as convenient as it is now, and Zine has crafted an editor for mobile writing. On the subway, on the way to travel, on the sofa, on the bed... Inspiration can be recorded anytime, anywhere.


Magazine article layout

Using Zine, you can create documents of all styles and styles, completely replacing the old Word. Zine also offers Chinese WebFont services that share your well created articles everywhere to ensure consistent reading experience.

文艺范的编辑器 图文游记 精心排版的生活感悟

Phone, PC, iPad Multi-side consistent

Sign in to WebApp of Zine, which has both the excellent editing ability as the mobile APP and revolved methods of document management. And it's supported on Mac/Win/Linux/iPad, will bring you the convenience of mobile Internet together with iOS/Android APP.


Chinese WebFont

we spent a lot of effort developing WebFont technology that supports Chinese. With this ability, reading your articles in any browser is just as beautiful. Membership is also available with more genuine fonts.


One key to switch theme

Just a little bit, the style of the article will be switched. Include margins, spacing, paragraph style, title style etc.. Text composition is not tedious, it allows you to concentrate on thinking, to explore inspiration.

Personalized column

Publish the article in the column, share your knowledge and experience, and spread your views. Everyone is different, each column has a different flavor.


Read good content that really interests you

Every day, Zine will recommend you five articles based on your interest. In this age of information and complexity, find what is interesting to you.


Interact with friends

you can search for articles and authors you are interested in, discover new ideas and idea, and feel the colors and colors of this world.

here, you can comment and collect other people's articles. You can subscribe to favorite authors.



Man has two sides. Eager to communicate with others, but also hope to have their own privacy, so we designed to do both.


Privacy, you can write an article, there will not be any default record impressions, see, this is your home.


Open, published articles will be presented in the column, and tell the world about yourself. Make more friends at the same time.

Honor & Media coverage.

Member service

Free function of Zine has been very strong, we also provide some customized service members, including more traffic, more genuine font, custom footer, more color, can make the word count.

from the very first day of Zine, our designers and programmers have been working hard to improve their user experience. Let our users be free to create and share. We also hope that people can actively give us feedback, and let us make Zine better together.

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