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Zine is a product dedicated to creating a mobile era of exquisite typesetting and writing, highly independent of the culture,
so that everyone can create and publish their own works.

01Our Logo (For link exchange)

Please select the appropriate Zine Logo version according to the space and background color reserved on the site.

02Brand cooperation (For posters and printing)

Zine brands have different forms of performance on different media. Please refer to the samples and color boards we provide when making the cooperative materials.

03Advertising submission

Please provide three pictures for the open screen AD and the bottom of the article. For specific dimensions, please refer to the template.

04Activity reminding and brand paper

Zine also provides a reminder of app's pop-up activity, as well as the way to add brand paper to the background list of the article.

Hi :

Zine is looking forward to negotiating business cooperation with you. Please contact the following mailbox

[email protected]

From the day Zine was born, our designers and programmers have been working hard to improve the user experience. We take all feedback from our users seriously and encourage anyone to reach out with ideas to help us make Zine better together.

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